An educated health care consumer combined with honest billing practices leads to an equitable outcome.
It's not complicated to tell if your bill is inaccurate or overpriced. But contesting it may stretch you outside your comfort zone. It's worth it!
You can alter your financial agreements at the emergency room to include "The Battlefield Consent." Write it in to protect yourself from being…
Leslie Donovan followed the blueprint I laid out in “Never Pay the First Bill” to sue Sutter Health, leading to a refund and cleared balance.
Kate and her husband owed $183,603 until a patient advocate spurred the hospital and insurance company to comply with a state law.
We can empower working Americans by showing them how they're getting swindled - and how they can take action to protect their pocketbooks.
My dad didn’t give lectures or sit me down for “man to man” talks. Instead, he quietly modeled righteous living. This is my remembrance of him.
The health care system exploits people's sickness for profit. That’s wrong! We can fight the profiteering and win because moral force is on our side.
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