Leslie Donovan followed the blueprint I laid out in “Never Pay the First Bill” to sue Sutter Health, leading to a refund and cleared balance.
You can alter your financial agreements at the emergency room to include "The Battlefield Consent." Write it in to protect yourself from being…
Pam wanted to pay cash for her expensive medical tests but was told she had to use her health insurance. She pushed back and saved about $2,000.
Hospital prices for working Americans are not rooted in what’s fair or reasonable. You may be able to save a lot of money by challenging them.
A Blue Cross health plan paid a patient’s medical bills for years and then pulled a reversal, clawing back the reimbursements. This newsletter’s paid…
I helped a patient leverage the No Surprises Act to beat back an overpriced surprise bill. You can use the templates I wrote to win your billing…
The health care system exploits people's sickness for profit. That’s wrong! We can fight the profiteering and win because moral force is on our side.
My dad didn’t give lectures or sit me down for “man to man” talks. Instead, he quietly modeled righteous living. This is my remembrance of him.
You put your health in the hands of your clinicians. Use public sources to identify possible red flags and inform your conversations and decisions.
A hospital's price should be "reasonable" if it is not provided up front, the Court said. That's not the way American hospitals have been operating.
Health care has been unaffordable for decades. But employers and working Americans have new leverage to push back.
The federal privacy law requires medical providers and insurers to give patients their billing records. I've provided a helpful written template in this…